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Roughsmoke X Supermade

Roughsmoke X Supermade:

Travel further South in Japan to the Kansai area and one brand that is synonymous with the area is Supermade, ran by long time drifter and legend Takanori Yoshida.


After spending time with Yoshida-San it was clear that our services could cater alot more to his needs. Therefore Roughsmoke provides all overseas contact and social media actions on behalf of the Supermade brand.

This has scene us be able to market/sell and provide B2B accounts for the brand in the U.S.A, U.K., and Australia with regular shipments of products now being able to reach overseas customers much easier. A number of smaller items from the Supermade range we also sell direct

With our team acting as social media representatives for a number of brands in Japan we also run the Official Supermade Facebook page and the Official Supermade Instagram page.

New and exciting products and features ensuing, watch their space!

For all Supermade items check out store or contact the following in your area:

USA: (

Australia: (

U.K: (

If you wish to be a seller of Supermade products in another area, then please get in touch with our team.

Long may our partnership continue!


Co-CEO Roughsmoke.