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Roughsmoke X 326 Power

Roughsmoke X 326 Power:

In the 2000's it would be easy in our eyes to select five drivers whom could exude style in their way of driving, paving the way for others and for many forms and ways of style that followed.

Of that five - one would have to be Mitsuru Haruguchi, CEO of 326 Power.

After driving he has gone on to build 326 (Mitsuru) Power, the very colorful and exciting brand based in Hiroshima, Japan. 

Having met with Haruguchi over time we then proceeded to propose a link that could see Roughsmoke be able to provide 326 items to our customer abroad, and to that purpose we are proud to have sold many items from full aero kits, wheels, suspension, 326 Nuts, and Merchandise to U.S.A, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K and Europe.

Long may our partnership continue!


Co-CEO Roughsmoke.