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New webstore and blog consolidation of Roughsmoke

Posted on October 13 2017

Hello to all the Roughsmokers out there!

Today marks a consolidation of the Roughsmoke media and store applications into one universal platform making it much easier for you all in keeping up to date with what work the team is up to as well as making it more smoother for you to purchase genuine JDM goods or even just an official Roughsmoke sticker through the store,

In an ever changing digital world and where time is key, this new roll-out will streamline operation and give us more time with events as well as the most important aspect - engaging with you all by your PM's & DM's on social as well as attending to the orders you all place.

A lot of you also get at us for your Yahoo Auction needs, so again this will free time for us to make sure we are ready will the all important 'BID' button on the auction sites to grab those last minute wins for you!.

We hope you all find the new platform much easier to work with and from us all we just super appreciate the support you all give, the orders you place, and for just being awesome.

Best regards,

Team Roughsmoke x.