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  • That New Shoes Feeling...

    Apr 07 2018

    Everyone loves that new shoes feeling, and we're no different here at Roughsmoke! Some fresh new RAYS and SSR wheels coming into the off...

  • The Kansai Articles: Vol 3

    Apr 06 2018

    So two days ago シムズ had ventured over to Osaka and off to Meihan Sportsland to check out a FINS走行会 Day. Various practice meetings are hel...

  • The Kansai Articles: Vol 2

    Feb 19 2018

    Hello everyone, we're back with another blog aimed towards the fraternity of awesome people that make up the flair and fun that forms par...

  • FUNKY Racing @ Nikko

    Dec 06 2017

     In one of our more recent trips to Nikko Circuit there seemed to be a familiar Red & Yellow shine coming from the corner of the pit ...

  • The Kansai Articles: Vol 1

    Nov 25 2017

     Trenched within Tochigi prefecture in the Northern region of the Kanto plain, Japan - we are face to face with a Kansai machine belongin...